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Decoration materials to choose environmental protection into a consumer focus

[2013-09-10] Decoration materials to choose environmental protection into a consumer focus

Consumers pay attention to environmental protection material The reporter understands in the visit, more and more people attach importance to interior decoration, they not only requires building modelling beautiful, strong practicability, and particular concern for the quality safety to the bedroom. Mention living security, indoor environmental protection become a common concern. Many consumers changed the idea of buying before decorate material only pursue cheap, but tend to be more ...
Happy to send to decorate material funds

[2013-09-10] Happy to send to decorate material funds

Home is the most important topic, and everyone has a dream house looks like, maybe you have a set of just hand the rough housing , and perhaps more comfortable you replace a set of second-hand housing , or if you just want to the hands of the old house to renovate . No problem , as long as there are renovation plans , you can sign up to participate to win a Dream Fund Homemart decoration . The professional activity as a decoration and building materials supermarket chains Homemart one...
New interior decoration materials

[2013-09-05] New interior decoration materials

The bane of indoor harmful gas Reported according to "first", "China's annual nearly 2.1 million child deaths caused by indoor decoration pollution, which mostly caused by formaldehyde poisoning. Aiming at this situation, a carbon can adsorb, decompose formaldehyde silicon new composite material, and is to consumers at home. With the rest of the removal of formaldehyde products the key difference is that: the polymerization molding material, can make a variety of shapes by machin...
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